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About Us

Who is Predestined Publishing? We are nothing without you. Predestined Publishing is a company that has been created to help the everyday person transition into being a published author no matter what their circumstances are. Predestined Publishing is also a company strategically placed in time and reality to assist established authors manage and execute their publicity, and we are a company that works with business enterprises to create trademark publishing projects for the advancement of their business entity. 

Who are we? We are you. Our sole purpose is to make others successful through first-time, multi-time, ongoing, and unique publishing projects. We are the publisher that will work with the little guy as well as the huge corporation. We offer a number of services ranging from publishing to promotion. All of our customers are stars, and we take dreams and aspirations, and put them into book format. 

Why are we? We are here for you. We are who we are because we recognized a market need that we aim to fulfill. If you want to publish but are low on cash, we will find a way to make it happen for you with our customized packages and payment plans. If you want to publish on your own but just need some direction and advice, we are here to give it to you. If you've already published but you aren't getting the publicity, book sales, and market reach you desire, we are here to help you with that. If you are a business that wants to differentiate yourself in a challenging market with a unique publishing project, we are here to make that happen, and we'll even brainstorm with our team of experts to give you some ideas. 

Dive Into the Deep Waters of Success With Us!

Company Mission

The Mission of Predestined Publishing is to facilitate the publishing of new authors with little to no resources, advance the media presence and publicity of all authors, and create dynamic and unique strategic marketing initiatives for all types of companies through exclusive, uncommon, one-of-a-kind publishing ventures. We work to do this through creative differentiation, the most current knowledge and technological resources, and a personal commitment to excellence, customer service, and support.

Company Vision

Our company vision is to become the foremost publishing entity of small and unknown authors transforming them into published people with a substantial media presence and public awareness.Our vision includes helping published authors market their works to gain the publicity and recognition they want and deserve. Additionally, our vision is to be the leading creator of exceptional publishing projects that assist in the advancement of all types of business enterprises allowing them to be more competitive by being set apart from their competitors by way of our diverse products and services. 

Core Values

Our company's core values are what make us who we are. This is what we do and these are the things we believe in.

  1. People - People are our top priority and this includes our employees, our customers, potential customers, and everyone we do business with including our vendors. Our core value of people is an appreciation for humanity as whole. All people are special and deserve opportunity, appreciation, and respect. 
  2. Under Dog - We are committed to helping the underdog which includes the unknown, under-served, and financially stricken. The rich and the poor, the successful and unsuccessful are all important to us. 
  3. Beauty- True beauty is on the inside of an individual, and no matter what a person looks like on the outside we hope to publish what they have on the inside that is truly beautiful.
  4. Love - Love doesn't only make the world go round, it helps us make the world a better place. At Predestined Publishing we love our clients and employees and we love the power of love.
  5. Integrity - Integrity is a key ingredient for all of life's successes. We believe in honesty, integrity, keeping our word, and being ultimately trustworthy. 
  6. Success - We aim for the success of our organization and our clients always. Success is something that has to be striven for daily, and can only come with true vision and hard work. Never give up, because when you fail it only means that you are one step closer to success. 
  7. Humility - We firmly believe that those that humble themselves will be raised up. It is humility that causes us to work with aspiring authors that are unknown and may have nothing at all starting out. To remain humble means to always be in a place where one can be lifted up to higher heights.  
We Value Our Clients, Employees, and Vendors, and See Them All 
as Very Valuable People. 

About Deneene A. Collins,
 Founder and CEO

Deneene A. Collins is an author that can be considered the ordinary extraordinary. While Deneene thinks of herself as a regular everyday person, she has done and continues to do extraordinary things through her writing and in the many other ways she touches lives. She has been writing since she was a little child.

Deneene writes poetry, fiction, drama, children's books, inspirational works, and a number of other literary genres, some of which are yet to be classified. She prefers to be called Dee and even though she writes from the heavenly realm, Dee is very down to earth. Deneene A. Collins is also a motivational speaker, mentor, and life coach; helping everyone that she can achieve their dreams. Writing is Deneene's passion, but she considers her greatest accomplishment to be the birthing and raising of her two wonderful children, Aveanie and Caleb Stewart. Her children are the stars that sparkle in her eyes.

Deneene loves cooking, music, making people happy, and rainy days. She works to use her trials to bring smiles to other people's faces by what she can offer them from what she has learned. Her lifetime hero is her mother, Joyce L. Collins, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in February of 2009. Joyce was Deneene's best friend and greatest inspiration. Ms. Collins has a Bachelor's of Psychology from Prairie View A&M University, a Master's of Business Administration from Arizona State University, and is pursuing a Master's of Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University. She is also a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International in the areas of personal leadership, team building, and interpersonal communications, but considers life as her greatest teacher. Deneene hopes to do at least one great thing before she leaves this world, which is to touch at least one person's life or the existence of humanity in a life-changing way no matter how great or small as long as it makes a real difference. 


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