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Welcome to Predestined Publishing
"Where Dreams are Published, Voices are Immortalized, and Businesses are Optimized!"

Congratulations! If you are viewing this site you have already taken the first step towards becoming a published author, maximizing your media presence as an established author, creating a unique strategic marketing tool for your business, or simply becoming connected with some great people in our global community. 

Predestined Publishing believes that everybody is important, and therefore has the right to publish their voice, thoughts, and dreams. This is why we work small currently unknown authors and business as well as large corporations and well-known personalities. 

What we promise our customers:
  • We will deliver to you what we promise. Our word is our bond and we know that you are counting on us to do what we say.
  • We will treat every customer like they are the most important person on the planet. Without loyal customers we cease to exist.
  • We will only offer you the products and services that you require based on your individual needs, and do everything in our power to cater to individual budgets.
  • We will operate with complete honesty and integrity as we advise you in the best way that we can. If there is something that we don't know or are unable to do for you, we will do our best to refer you to source that can help you.
  • We will adhere to your desires and not overpower them or challenge them with our own thoughts and beliefs.
  • We will offer you as many tools as possible to aid in your success so that you have more than a publisher; you have a support system.
  • We will always notify you in the event we are unable to deliver something you have requested from us.
  • If something comes to our attention that can benefit you, we promise to inform you of it. 
  • We will keep abreast of market trends, new technology, and information that helps benefit our customers.
  • Most of all we promise our customers a pleasant business experience. YOU are #1!
We Look Forward to Working With You and Seeing You Prosper!

A Message From
 Founder and CEO Deneene A. Collins

I send warm wishes and heart-felt greetings to everyone visiting this website. I created this company to provide a way for anyone that wants to publish their book to be able to no matter how small or large their budget and knowledge of publishing is. I believe that you can turn a nightmare inside out and make it a dream if you believe in yourself and have some determination. If life hands you anything less than what you want refuse to accept it. I can't wait to help you publish your next book. "When people work together, whatever is working against them has to fight that much harder to defeat them." - Deneene A. Collins "In regards to the Human Race, we should all be on the same team, even if we have differences of opinions." - Deneene A. Collins

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